About Us

Barood ammunition company is a 100% subsidiary of Barzan Holdings, an investment and strategic company fully owned by Qatar’s Ministry of Defense, that aims to provide a reliable supply of high-quality small caliber ammunition, in line with the highest international standards.

The company is a Barzan Holdings initiative towards being self-sufficient in arms production as part of the industrial development in the state of Qatar. With its high capacity storage and state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, it is set to specialize in manufacturing small caliber ammunition, which is commonly used by armed and security forces around the world, as per NATO standards and a product of research and knowledge sharing.

Barood will lay the foundation for localized defense capabilities, which will create a long-term effect in the country by becoming self-sufficient and consequently creating more local employment opportunities.


To be a top-quality provider of ammunition that is produced to the highest international standards.


We aim to provide customers with best-in-class ammunition to support their operations. We have a high production capacity and deliver our products sustainably.

  •  Excellence: we strive for excellence in everything we produce.
  •  Reliable: we are a reliable supplier to our customers and stakeholders.
  •  Innovative: we are committed to innovation and continuous improvement in everything we do.
  •  Sustainable: we aim to be a leader in sustainable production.

Safety & Quality Standards

Barood will be operating under the ISO and NATO standards with International Quality Management System and highest safety methods in place; assuring customer satisfaction.
The Spectrometer
A machine that analyzes the composition of the materials to assure that the correct raw materials are being used before it proceeds to production.
Electronic Height Gauge
An essential tool to ensure that materials are of uniform and required dimensions before it proceeds to production. It can also be used to check whether finished products have the correct specifications.
Ammunition Test Gun
This process is used to measure gun-firing parameters such as, gas pressure curves, interior ballistic times, projectile velocities, and for ammunition precision tests. Shooting into a tunnel, which is equipped to measure the said variables, does this testing process.
Process Control Gauges
High-end process control gauges that are computerized to ensure that the dimensions of the products are being manufactured according to specification.
Mercurous Nitrate (MN) Test
This is an accelerated test being performed to detect the presence of internal stresses that might weaken the individual parts in storage or in production due to stress corrosion cracking.
Precision Light Screen
This machine measures one of the most important parameters for exterior ballistic, which is velocity.
Optical Target System
This testing system ensures a highly accurate determination of the shot positions of single rounds or bursts of fire.
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