Sustainability & Social Responsibility

Barood Company is a Greenfield project. It is a conscious effort to maintain sustainability for the factory’s building site and infrastructures. Having been able to start from, Barood was able to be compliant with the principles of environmental protection and occupational safety measures. Capitalizing on human resources and development, Barood is also keen on assuring the safety and security of its personnel and facilities. Through this undertaking, it creates direct and indirect job opportunities around its area of operation.

The company is constantly conducting scientific research, innovation, and knowledge sharing in its pursuit of being best-in-class in the segment and preserving the environment. These efforts are in alignment with Qatar National Vision to “transform Qatar into an advanced society capable of achieving sustainable development”, while also working in conformity with the industry’s standards of environmental protection and occupational safety measures.

Barood is committed to investing in human capital and therefore supporting the country’s national development by focusing on empowering the Qatari workforce to be more self-sufficient and have sustainable growth.